Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ché walked home

people on their way home after 1. of may parade at the revolution square in havanna.

sunday at the malecón

the malecón is the perfect place to do nothing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the poet

poet taking a rest at the prado in havanna

che in san lazaro

colourful revolutionary scenery in the street san lazaro in havanna

divers at the malecon

instructors and a boy in very orange shorts waiting for divers getting out of the water at the malecon in havanna

Sunday, August 24, 2008


dancers from the dance group "leyenda folk" having a morning rehearsal in casa de la cultura in trinidad


twins resting on bench in sagua la grande


dalmatian posing in centro havanna

in school

primary schoolchrildren from small city in pinar del rio

children from trinidad

children playing with ball at plaza mayor in trinidad


girl from havanna "tomando una botella" (cuban slang for hitchhiking) at the famous malecón in havanna


three drunken girls ready to party in the city of trinidad


charming librarians from the city of trinidad

see me!

cuban macho boys at the famous malecón in havanna

hotel riviera

view at the famous malecón from the lobby in hotel riviera

josé martí pointing the way

statue of independence hero josé martí next to tribuna antiimperialista at the famous malecón in havanna

storage of bones in the cemetery colón in havanna

after two years in the ground relatives in Cuba have to take the coffin with the deceased up again, take out the bones and put them in small cement coffins like the ones you see here

policman and hole in wall

the photo is taken at the famous malecón in havanna

Saturday, July 12, 2008

old chairs

just a couple of chairs outside a butchery in vedadao

shadows and bricks

mother and daughter leaving the cathedral square in old havanna.

Friday, July 11, 2008

between poles

man at the malecón in havanna.


dancer from havanna making show in trinidad

che and some black shoes

shoe shop in camagüey.

the mulata and the monster

the girls of havanna are living dangerous lives. 

long arm

kids playing with the cuban flag next to the central square in bayamo.

chess with fidel

chess club in bayamo, city of the fatherland.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

the golden fortress

this beautiful art deco building is located close to the malecón in vedado. 

x framed

an american car at the malecón in havana. only the old cars from before the revolution can be sold legally at the free market in cuba. 


butchery in the street belascoain in havanna. a famous revolutionary is present.

turkey vulture between bars

the photo is taken on top of the fire escape at the famous havanna libre hotel.

modern havanna

the center of havanna is filled with old colonial houses. but you also see modern architecture in the city. these buildings in vedado - little miami - were constructed just before the revolution. 

future beach

this orange artifact for tourists is resting next to a very beautiful lagoon 40 km east of santigo. hardly any tourists come to this part of cuba.